Its not the best time to lend out money, to sweep material concerns under the carpet, to buy on credit, or to avoid paying attention to bank/tax matters. It does appear the planners are taking advantage of the Aquarius astrologer degree, 27Aqr. You may have fear and doubts over how you are managing your life. Note that alternate meanings are indicated by a * and +. He thought i was arrogant, probably because my mars in leo was conjunction his sun. Are you and your love interest meant to be? Neptune Transits Conjunct Saturn The guy was 10 days older than me and born on the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra 1953. For example, I've been daydreaming a lot about the future but I have a fear that if I do that I'll hate my present. Recognizing that you need more on a spiritual level can help you handle the transit more constructively. If lord of the 12th, you may be inundated with alot of unfinished business. Everything seems less solid and definite. Your ability to discriminate is compromised, simply because Neptunes energy lacks definition and boundaries. . You may encounter mysterious, confused, unusual, or spiritual experiences surrounding Mercury-ruled people and things (such as siblings, neighbors, travel, studies, and so forth) during this time. am i doomed? This reading will help guide you in areas of your life and help you overcome obstacles and transform toxic relationships. Related Topics Astrology Spirituality Religion and Spirituality comments . You see the world differently, and sometimes not quite correctly, since youre not able to determine what is your role or responsibility. You are opening psychically at this time and its very important to do it in a balanced way, and in a positive, supportive, or at least non-threatening atmosphere. You may be set up for a fall or disgrace. You might make embarrassing errors, neglect important details, or you could carry some delusions now. But this is not healthy and leaves you susceptible to abuse. Is this coming from Saturn? Neptune-Saturn Synastry aspects: Conjunction | Trine | Square | Opposition Neptune - astrology meaning Neptune is called the Lord of the Invisible Empire, which is a mysterious name of a mysterious planet. You may undergo a crisis of identity during the initial stages of this transit, and the experiences you have may lead you to a more refined understanding of yourself and the direction in which you want to head. Everything may happen internally and, unless another transit joins it, there is no indication that there are external events that provoke us in this way. Your desires are tender and compassionate. Others are more willing to give you advice and criticism because you are not as rigid and defensive as usual. I throroughly enjoyed it. Close your eyes; theres a world in there. Is this the modern method of presenting a new beginning to the people? United States. This can mean that you are especially adept at advertising, but it also improves your relationships with others tremendously. You may become a victim of your own optimism! If involved in a love relationship, the cruder, less refined, and overly practical or mundane elements of your relationship that you once accepted now become glaring and hard to stomach. Objectives that you seek may no longer have a clear definition causing uncertainty as to their importance. And what is this?? Interpretations are written by Cafe Astrologys Annie Heese, except those marked with *, which are samples from the Daily Forecast report. You can make practical changes to reach a higher and more spiritual reality. Your desires are tender and compassionate. There can be a lot of sadness as this transit can stimulate a deep yearning for something more than just ordinary life. Discover the key to your unique life path & personality. You can make practical changes to reach a higher and more spiritual reality. Increased sensitivity and openness to subtle and spiritual realities and spiritual guidance. The resulting fear and loss of self-confidence can then make you feel disoriented for no clear reason. The current cycle began in 1989 and the next one starts with the conjunction in 2025 - 2026. Others give you ideal support. It provides vivid and detailed modern imagery that can inspire and connect the reader with the deeper tarot meanings easier. You are responsive to all things pleasurable, possibly to the point of carelessness or laziness when it comes to tending to practical affairs. These transits dissolve old concepts, revealing a different reality that you had not considered before. Significance. *Your approach to your work and career is highly imaginative at this time, and you come up with interesting, creative ideas. Im not off right?? This is about Neptune Conjunct Saturn transit. If you are on target, this is a time to step back and fine tune what already is in working order. You may suffer insecurity and anxiety for no apparent reason. You feel the desire to withdraw and isolate yourself, although its not good to do so because the opinions of others are necessary to help you balance your current pessimistic views. If lord of the 10th, be careful about your reputation now and how others perceive you. . This conjunction is in my natal chart. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. In contrast, you may play the role of victim to force someone to look after you. You should probably wait until you see more clearly to give what you can. Be careful! Avoid difficult or demoralizing people because they will make it harder to see the new truths emerging from the fog of confusion. You are also likely to form relationships with people based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. Positions of authority can erode during this cycle, especially when there exists a lack of respect. Recognizing that you need more on a spiritual level can help you handle the transit more constructively. Neptune acts to dissolve what it touches. There is a strong tendency to exaggerate and put on a front to impress others and gain the advancement that you seek. My idea was she was simplying looking at the demographics, and that we were involved in an Export business, clients all over the world. *Changing attitudes and doubts about your career and overall situation in life can eat away at you now. It may be difficult for others to understand you or you might be communicating in such a way that you are not clear. 9 / 10. If lord of the 8th, be careful to do your taxes accurately or you may be subject to audit. The karmic repercussions of being mean, lazy, disrespectful or cruel will now catch up with you in the form of self-loathing, nightmares, loss and disappointment. It is a time when you realize the world . Your sensitivity and imagination increase tremendously at this time, and you are much more easily influenced by images, the psychic and emotional energy of other people, and the psychic atmosphere around you. Neptune was conjunct natal Saturn 11th Sag. It actually does happen when Saturn and Neptune are in early Aries. . Any new situation or relationship will make you see the world differently. But perhaps the best use of the transit is to shape your visions and goals into a worldly substance. Greater forgiveness and understanding in personal relationships. Get report personalized to your birth now. Uranus electrifies Saturn to be excited and . Transiting Neptune Aspects. Often it is a time of isolation and solitude, which is good for contemplation. Financial partnerships prove unproductive or dammaging to your credit. Neptune Transits Opposition Jupiter Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Saturn. Is this coming from Saturn? Saturn conjunct Neptune transit is generally associated with insecurity, confusion, self-doubt, and guilt. You could get the wrong idea, develop false ideals, and let your imagination carry you away to the point that those who support and care for you are neglected or hurt. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with regards to finances. Neptune-Saturn Transits. Saturn conjunct Chiron natal aspects are connected with low self-esteem and an inner expectation to accomplish a lot. The need to get away from it all for some peace and quiet now and again will be strong. Self-deception is perhaps your greatest enemy now. Let the images come. You stop resisting. Therefore, you must do all you can to improve your self-esteem. This can be a time to watch for overshooting. Translate your empathy and charitable feelings into acts of generosity and kindness. We had a whirl of a time; then I realized he couldnt put me first because of obligations to his son. There is lack of certainty regarding money matters. Neptune Transits Sextile Saturn So. Career success may have little meaning for you now and you may wish to retire. This description applies for any of these transits: The transit of Neptune square Natal Saturn affects you in a psychological way. Keep a journal of your fantasies, dreams, visions. Live a well-balanced life that includes regular contact with nature, physical exercise, adequate diet and rest, and some kind of regular routine that grounds you in everyday life. How to Predict Your Future: Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology, Planets in Transits: Life Cycles for Living. In some cases, this can instead manifest as a health issue that is hard to diagnose. Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. In September2022, at what point will this next transit begin? Neptune Transits Trine Midheaven You may feel very idealistic about your friends, especially someone who is younger or who could use your help. You can even give up everything you have to follow a spiritual ideal. Neptune transits sextile or trine Mercury. Saturn is the ruler of my 5th house and is located in the 2nd house, in Libra. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. Dream Big, Work Hard (J. J. Watt 052). Then you will stop worrying about the future and trust that everything will be okay because you will make it okay. Really?? Insecurity, perplexity, self-doubt, and remorse are all common symptoms of Neptune transit. Often this transit coincides with a great disappointment that leads to disillusionment, self doubt and lack of self confidence. Finances can suffer under this transit if you have a tendency to live on credit. Transit Saturn conjunct natal Ceres can make it important for you to learn lessons around resources, money, and support. The structures you relied upon become much less reliable. With this reading you receive. Your tolerant, accepting attitude makes relationships with others pleasant and positive. It is a time where your view of the world will be challenged. A classic transit bible. Angeles, California, Saturn Transits to Neptune. 75 days. *You are more humble, receptive, and less aggressive in your work now. There is a wonderful sense of peace surrounding you during the course of this transit. The best part is you are able to ask any specific questions you have. How do you receive the message? When transiting Saturn is conjunct your natal Neptune: This transit often brings profound disillusionment with life. During this time your accurately built certainties will be challenged. The transit of Neptune opposite your natal Saturn is a very significant transit, although it may not feel very pleasant. Hi Jamie, You easily forgive others for their faults and are ready to overlook foibles in others personalities. Without guilt or sentimentality, you can now allow what's illusory or unrealistic to wash away. This allows you to work hard to achieve your ideals. This transit can also do a number to your value system. Neptune is natally in the 4th house and rules the 7th. *Major changes in your career occur at this time. Neptune transits to Venus stimulate your desires to share pleasures with significant others and with friends in perhaps unusual or especially sensitive ways. Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit. You may even find yourself talking to plants and listening to what the birds are telling you. So I looked up the pattern in the sky at the time, on my chart. You may be on disability for a while or be unable to work for extended periods of time. Another persons beliefs, random and irrelevant as they and all beliefs are, will catapiult me from my own delusions?? Saturn will conjunct my natal Neptune from January to September 2017. (strangely enough i commemorated the Neptune ingress of Pisces by registering an email ID, see Sun sextile Neptune). You cannot help others until you help yourself. This transit affects in a psychological way. Saturn represents the reality that we perceive due to our agnoia, but Neptune represents a different level of reality where paradoxes are common. November 4, 1952 same aspects. This is an excellent time to travel or go on vacation. Your safe and secure realities will be challenged by exposure to some possible realities. A tendency to avoid or evade life through television, fantasy, intoxicants, or even spirituality. . neptune transit saturn, neptune transit natal saturn, neptune conjunct saturn synastry, neptune conjunct saturn transit, neptune conjunct saturn composite, neptune conjunct saturn natal chart, neptune conjunct saturn relationship, neptune conjunct saturn leo, neptune conjunct saturn scorpio, neptune conjunct saturn cancer, neptune conjunct saturn virgo, neptune conjunct saturn in 12 house, composite neptune conjunct saturn. Chiron orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. If you do these things, you can make your dreams come true. You are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus at this time, as your love and pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. These transits also affect your urge to acquire new material goods and your finances in general. Thank you so much for your writing on this as Neptune is exact conjunct my natal Saturn at 24 degrees its spot on. The senses are dramatically heightened in general, although attention to detail may be lacking. Yet, with patience, you're capable of creating great wonders. Art Wynwood, Miami having its Saturn transit natal Neptune next 60 days or so. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of conformity, responsibility, limitation and restriction, pushing us to focus more, respect our time and be self-disciplined. Thats Neptune, the planet of consciousness itself. You do not feel very confident. Similar to the Saturn transit on the Natal Venus, Saturn conjunct Neptune transit brings a lot of negative energies. As long as your leadership is consistent with the principles that are true for you and those under you, you can readily adapt by incorporating a more open outlook to what you don?t know or can?t understand. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with regards to finances, but also when it comes to emotional matters. Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020 Transit- Harmony through Struggle; Aspects in Astrology. You must be very calm to see the new truths emerge, so avoid negative people and those who discourage you. Instead it is claimed that an astrological pattern with regard to the future can correspond with any one of a variety of possibilities. This transit will teach you make your dreams more realistic and grounded. You may gloss over important details and practical concerns in favor of idealistic visions and perceptions. The knowledge you awaken to during this transit of Neptune conjunct Midheaven can have permanent effects; remain open to the subtle energies of the unknown, above all love, accept and forgive yourself. And even now, if you can see, using even this way I am relating to this fog of emorphous info, (to my mind), instead iof being spun by it, I see clearly, and try to make clarity around me, when those around me, strangers, are a bit confuzed, bringing in slightly tilted perspectives, or at least com on those perspectives that makes them seem tilted. The foundation for your life may be crumbing around you and you may have to lay a new foundation. . Now open your eyes. I am ready to level up out of the confusion, disorientation and depressionand I think I will once I let go, grieve the loss, and move to the next chapter of my life. If taken too far, your sense that everything will work out could blind you to some essential practical details. Some unusual or unexpected problems with the mother, important women in your life, and/or your domestic life may occur during the course of the transit. You might have a sense of living in a dream world or of being awake in your own dream. You can be self-sacrificing in a healthy way. What does Mercury rule in your chart? If you resist the process, youll find a host of Neptune problems plaguing you: losing the car keys, forgetting to pay the electric bill, having the attention span of a three-year-old on a sugar jag. You can accept reality and youre not pessimistic. Neptune Transits Square Ascendant At its best, this transit can produce enlightenment or a truly spiritual path. He also has mars conjunct venues in his fourth house with the Sun 0 degrees of Aquarius. Both opposition to Saturn (10th cusp Virgo) Reply. . Strange moods and feelings that you may never have experienced before come and go during this time period. Is this coming from Saturn? This in depth personalized Astrology reading can provide you with a 30 minute recording session to get a clear idea of what the next 12 months has in store. Big things are happening, along the dimensional lines you describe, but I am experiencing it as an awareness of the divine infinite, I call it God its been an odd time, any thoughts? Neptune transits to Mercury directly affect your curiosity, learning, communication skills, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas, and your ability to rationalize and think logically. Your mind probably wont be seeing things clearly, as they are. If lord of the 4th, your supports may be shaky now and your personal life in disarray. Scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider are working on discovering extra dimensions: Even if extra dimensions are small, they can still have an effect on how we experience the worldModels of string theory, for example, require the existence of at least 11 dimensions. What you thought was safe and secure relationships, possessions, employment or general structures and patterns in your life may dissolve away, leaving you feeling anxious and depressed. A news article came out about me and my astrology buisness but the vagueness around my role at the nonprofit and lack of awknowledgement for my efforts there reflects the immense confusion the owners and I have felt do to changing circumstances around resources (they would offer money, and then have to take it back by choice or by force due to grants not being approved which also seems like an 8th house issue where my Saturn lives). Neptune Transits Square Midheaven Georges Braque 006, David Gest 012, Tyga 024, David Berkowitz 024, Lucy Hale 025, Tony Blair 026, Buddy Rose 028, Peaches Geldof 031, John Edwards 032, Xi Jinping 034, Cyndi Lauper 034, Alden Ehrenreich 037, Elizabeth Olsen 050, Hulk Hogan 054, J. J. Watt 052, Riley Keough 100, Kathy Lee Gifford 112, Roseanne 123, Chris Brown 132, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 135, Charles II of England 135, Stephen Paddock 142. Jimmy is warning what could happen again? I met someone born 11 days before me same year. T Neptune conjunct Moon opposing Saturn is personal and it can indicate several things: 1) the health of a female family member can be affected, 2) Keep your property safe from invasion (people and insects), 3) with Saturn, there can . Neptune takes approximately 164 years to come full circletoo long to complete a cycle through our natal charts. Increased compassion and sympathetic awareness of others. Because even with a normal childhood, you will likely struggle with fear, insecurity, negativity, loss, and disappointment. 23 June 1989 2023 will bring powerful changes as Saturn will be moving into Pisces in March! Order now and get 20% off with the coupon code ARIES. This is a longer-term influence that can last for some time if Neptune transits and then retrogrades over your natal Jupiter. *You approach your work and important projects with an unusual degree of imagination, idealism, and optimism now. We wondered. Home / Transits / Neptune Transits / Neptune Conjunct Saturn. Copyright 1998-2023 Veraxs Int'l Inc. All rights reserved. Whatever you command whether a large number of people or yourself, you can experience some doubts. Opening to the mystical, subtle, intangible realms and finding great love and beauty there. The Positive Side of Transit Saturn conjunct Neptune. Im grateful to know my loss of self-confidence around communicating clearly around my work is only temporaryor at least this period of immense pain and suffering around it is. . You're working hard to overcome insecurity and gain more confidence, and may feel the need to . Adjustments you make now can facilitate smoother functioning for the long run while easing things back into place. Neptune transits to the Moon directly affect the feelings, the public image, and personal popularity. It is important to look after your health and now is a good time for a general check-up with your doctor. Force yourself to consider practical matters, even though you may resist it, while opening your heart to new possibilities. Breathe in, breathe out. Mould opinions. That's often the hard part. Rick Scott, Republican Senator, Florida, has this aspect, dob 1 Dec 1952. catching peoples attention with his 11 Point plan for America, locking horns with Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator, Kentucky, senate minority leader, dob 20 Feb 1942. I think it could be very boring and passionless. This is the time to surround yourself with positive people. Finances can suffer under this transit if you have a tendency to live on credit. what say you sir to this?? As the transit progresses, and certainly by the time it is over, we should have a more refined understanding in the affected areas of lives. For example, I've been daydreaming a lot about the future but I have a fear that if I do that I'll hate my present. You are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus at this time, as your love and pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. Those pieces will be offered up for sale. This emotional serenity, although subtle, helps you solve problems naturally and intuitively. You find yourself especially idealistic, romantic, and charming. . Keep a journal to record these in, as they may contain inner guidance and creative seeds for future projects. *You encounter people now who are very considerate, understanding and nonjudgmental. The body itself is sensitive, and you must be cautious with drugs. If lord of the 6th, a chronic illness may leave you vulnerable. You may be in the right place at the right time. There is good that can come from this transit, but it's rarely fun or easy, even if there are good things happening in your life overall . This can be a depressing time, but it does not have to be. Violence, abuse, insecurity, failures, criticism, anxiety, physical danger came out of it and still here many years later. Grazie! 21 November 1952 The General tests systems, benchmarking the known and unknown, writing histories, exercising hazmat protocols, and so on. It was retro exact yesterday. A time during which you may be able to carry your ideals and dreams into reality to make your home and environment reflect your inner desires and become as you dreamed it could be. *Work and important projects undergo difficult changes now. Related Topics Astrologer Astrology Spirituality Religion and Spirituality comments . Wow..his Saturn Neptune energy did not manifest as a lack of confidence apparently. You may get nothing in return. At an extreme, you may withdraw from the normal workings of your life into a more imaginative and dreamier one, whether it's of your own making or programmed by someone else (like the . First, some part of your reality will be harshly challenged, causing you to be disoriented. The effects of this transit will have much to do with the condition of Mars in your chart. This can be a satisfying phase of life if you are confident in your limitations and have been responsible . You may also experience more clearly the powerful affects of music, color, and atmospheres on your mood and sense of well-being. You may evade everything practical and solid. If you like being in control, this can make it difficult since what you have depended upon may lose its effectiveness without any reason or due to circumstances outside your influence. . I have not researched Saturn conjunct Neptune transit yet. When transit Neptune is trine, or sextile, to your natal Saturn, there is a balance between idealism and reality. There is a reason behind this identity crisisyou are learning to let go of ego attachments. subscribers . +Misguided idealism and false spirituality could find you ignoring responsibilities in favor of a lot of high-sounding talk. You may work to improve the lives of the people around you. Your desires are tender and compassionate. Although you may worry about your material needs, you realize how little you really need. The reality and the meaning of your life suffers a considerable disruption to see if it is spiritually valid or to test whether or not you can keep your feet on the ground. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with regards to finances, but also when it comes to emotional matters. There can be health issues that are psychosomatic in nature or hard to diagnose, although these are generally not serious. If the Sun is involved, we dont know where we are heading and we have a hard time defining what we want and where we want to go. Cheers and best to you sir. It was definitely positive. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts from r/astrologyreadings. Fear is also a common problem at this time, especially irrational fear with no obvious basis. Theres a world out there too, and its hard to ignore it. When transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Neptune, you have very negative mood swings, with confusion, uncertainty, and doubts about how to structure your life from now on. In this post we'll look at the Saturn Neptune cycle which lasts about 36 years. You are more attuned to the world of beauty, the arts, and the imagination. This is a time when your beliefs may be questioned and found inadequate. This article is not about what you are experiencing. Your intuition is excellent and the imaginative changes that you introduce now are likely to work very nicely. Betty the conjunction is exact 2-20-26. If lord of the 11th, your social circle will probably widen now as you come into contact with many different kinds of people you wouldn't have before. A more sensitiveeven mysteriouspersona is projected this year, and this can attract pleasantly unusual circumstances (and people) into your life. Gentleness with others is the best way to harness this energy. Loosening what is rigid can occur, and you can initiate steps to bring greater flexibility wherever you hold on too tightly. You may behave in an impractical manner, or you may be vulnerable to deception or betrayal from others. Pushing yourself despite the diffusion of focus can deplete you even more. You might feel confused and anxious for the lack of a solid inner stability and you might see things worse than they actually are. You can make significant discoveries regarding the meaning of your life. The best way to avoid such things is to be strictly moral and ethical in your behavior. This is the time to spread your wings and explore imaginative new possibilities. Loosening of what is rigid can occur, and you can initiate steps to bring greater flexibility to whatever you hold on too tightly. . You may suffer insecurity and anxiety for no apparent reason. What will it look like? You are in tune and pick up far more from your environment than usual. Because of your increased sympathetic awareness of others unspoken feelings and states of being, you feel more compassion and a greater desire to assist them. Neither option is healthy and can spiral into a series of codependent relationships, insecurity, and guilt. Bob Marks says thst during this transit, he came into full light as an astrologer, and he to my mind is a great elucidator of the emorphous, who is also, as it seems I am, posed at this transit to bring clarity, find clarity and bring it to a world living amorphoudsly in the mists of neptunes transiting. Neptune transits to Mars affect your drive and desire nature, strength, as well as your ability to assert yourself. +There could be a tendency to view your accomplishments as having almost no substance during this time. You may be more compassionate now. Look to planets in Taurus and Libra in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Neptune is now infusing with sensitivity and spirituality. As Nep passes my natal Saturn, I am sorting wheat from chaff like a demon, s it comes into my field of view. did david cook from american idol start blockbuster, uiuc dance teams,